The Lipid Center of Virginia


***56% of people that suffer from a heart attack have "normal" cholesterol levels***

Advanced blood tests and state-of-the-art imaging studies are offered at CALM that can better predict risk of future heart attacks and strokes compared to standard lipid profiles that just look at cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides.

1. Blood tests

  • Lipoprotein analysis by NMR technology
  • Cardiovascular biomarkers
  • Cholesterol absorption and synthesis markers
  • Omega-3 index testing

2. Imaging Studies

  • CIMT – Carotid Intima Medial Thickness is an ultrasound that measures the thickness of your arterial lining.      Based on the results of this test, vascular age can be predicted. It is safe, non-invasive examination that involves no radiation.  
  • CAC – This test is a CT scan that records images of your heart blood vessels and calculates the amount of calcium embedded in the arteries.  The higher the amount of calcium, the higher your future risk.  This test involves a small amount of radiation.